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Scott Hebert, pronounced [ey-beR], has managed to go from a Louisiana country boy to one of the world’s most sought after Creative Artist. His photography has been featured on over 100 magazine and book covers with celebrities such as Tyler Perry, Forrest Whitaker, T.I., Brandy, Tyrese Gibson and many more. His work has also been featured on television networks such as FOX, ABC, NBC, and he has been interviewed by E!, MTV, BET and VH1 just to name a few. With over a decade of experience, Scott’s film productions have landed him in movies theaters and even more television networks.

Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana Scott Hebert, has spread his southern boy charm and talent internationally. While doing commercials, and modeling in Chicago as a teen, Scott fell in love with the camera. In 2002, his father gave him a professional camera that he purchased at a local pawnshop. Scott began shooting photographs of everyone he knew. After graduating from the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts he attended Louisiana State University to pursue a career in Dentistry. Eventually he was photographing many of the people on campus. In 2004, while still attending LSU, Scott finally decided to get serious about his photography, and launched his own company under the name of Studio 360 Imaging. Baton Rouge could only contain him for so long. He made his move to Los Angeles in 2007 to finish his studies in Dentistry and continued expanding his work in photography. While surviving the many hardships in a city like Los Angeles may seem overwhelming to most, this young man took it all in stride. He went from barely getting one paid photo shoot a month to owning and operating the biggest minority owned Photography Company in Los Angeles. With over 40 people such as make-up artists, hair stylists, clothing designers/stylists, creative directors, runway coaches, graphic designers, web designers, etc. working under the STUDIO 360 IMAGING name, it is obvious that his company is ready for the future.

Not only is Scott a world-renowned photographer, he is now an award-winning producer. He has produced and directed multiple music videos and a feature film that was in theaters titled “The Last Fall” starring Lance Gross & Nicole Beharie; the film was later released on DVD, Redbox, Netflix and HBO. Always mastering his craft, Scott has a slate of films in pre-production for 2014. He just finished shooting the trailer for a new feature film titled "Perspectives," and is in pre-production for a feature film written by himself titled “Embrace.”

Scott’s latest creative venture has led him to the world of fine art. His first fine art exhibition showcasing his photography series entitled “Beau” is set for release in Paris, France in the summer of 2014. This series presents Black and White imagery of African women. The purpose of this exhibit is to transform societies views on beauty and remove any misconception society still has on the standard of beauty. A portion of the sales from the exhibit will be donated to a charitable organization. Scott is proud to share his work with the world while simultaneously shattering societies old-world views on beauty.

In addition to be a forward thinking artist, Scott also spends a portion of his time as a guest speaker. He has presented at various film festivals, photography seminars, student programs and Universities. Most recently he spoke about film making and showcased his film at The Boutique Film festival in London, England. As well as at Hill Harper’s “Manifest Your Destiny” program that aims to provide underserved youth with empowerment and educational enrichment through mentorship and enrichment programming. He draws inspiration from the students he encounters, while also encouraging them to chase their dreams.

2013 has been an amazing year for Scott. He is truly showing his commitment, dedication and inspiration for art through travel and exploration. Despite being an expert in his field, Scott continues to find innovative ways to grow. With that, he’s spent months in Paris to expand the scope of his knowledge in Parisian art, culture and the language. This desire to learn has led Scott to London, Istanbul, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Greece in search of even greater art forms to interconnect into his body of work. Learning and working around the world has deemed Scott an International Artist.

Scott sums up his philosophy with a favorite quote, “Dream - you can not depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

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