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Norman, Oklahoma

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Creating media with a message is my passion. Making a difference is my mission. Working with students is my joy. For over 30 years I served dual roles as both a Producer/Director and an educator. Since 2006 I have been at the University of Oklahoma where I teach video production and run a contract unit called Gaylord Hall PROductions.

My creative work falls into several categories. The first is producing media about coping with disasters. Currently I am doing projects for FEMA producing material on how to prepare for disasters. For the National Association of Broadcasters I have produced a series of videos examining the roles broadcasters play in saving lives during major disasters.

A second area of production has been telling the stories of very interesting people. Since being at OU I have produced over two dozen mini-doc profiles.

And finally, I love creating messages that make people think about life and how they want to live it.

What really gets me excited is my family. My wife Diane is my inspiration and my three boys, Jon, Josh and Jesse, keep a smile on my face.


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