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  1. 05:30

    The Nutcracker

    by Scottish Ballet

    3 Videos

    An enchanted dolls' house, an evil governess, and a nutcracker who may just be a handsome prince in disguise - this winter, prepare to enter a magical new world... Following on from the…

  2. 07:15


    by Scottish Ballet

    2 Videos

    Cinderella was created by Ashley Page in 2005, and went on to become one of Scottish Ballet's most successful productions. Tormented by her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella is lost and…

  3. 03:19:04


    by Scottish Ballet

    22 Videos

    At Scottish Ballet, learning is not just for the classroom or the studio: education is everywhere. From workshops and talks to career training and our fast-growing innovative online presence, our…

  4. 38:56


    by Scottish Ballet

    9 Videos

    Scottish Ballet and the creative team behind Cinderella and The Nutcracker present Alice, an extraordinary adventure into the depths of imagination. After tumbling through a camera lens, Alice…

  5. 21:44

    The Sleeping Beauty

    by Scottish Ballet

    Princess Aurora is born into a magical world where mortals mix with the fairies of the enchanted forest. Cursed by a jealous fairy fallen from grace, Aurora falls into an enchanted hundred-year slumber…

  6. 01:02:10

    Dance GB

    by Scottish Ballet

    Scottish Ballet, National Dance Company Wales and English National Ballet are joining forces for the first time in a ground-breaking national celebration of dance inspired by the 2012 London Olympics…

  7. 02:42:07


    by Scottish Ballet

    6 Videos

    Scottish Ballet regularly runs live webcasts, offering a fascinating look behind the scenes at Scottish Ballet's national dance company. Webcasts are delivered from Scottish Ballet's HQ…

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