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Writer/Director/Producer - Check out my latest feature film Gang Money Run.

R. Scott Leisk is an American film director and screenwriter. Born in Florida but grew up in Houston, Texas, Scott has always had an affinity towards movies and played around with his parents' Super 8 camera as a child making home movies. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Radio, TV, Film (RTF). While attending college he was fascinated and inspired to become a filmmaker after studying the films of the great French and Italian filmmakers of the 1960s. It was then that he saw the potential of film beyond just entertainment but as an art form.

He wrote and directed the dramatic short film entitled 'Last Night I Fell Again'. The film garnered enthusiastic reviews for its interesting take on a relationship and praise for its visual style. He has written multiple screenplays that are in various stages of development and investment. His interests span multiple genres to include coming of age, neo-noir, thriller, action, historical and romance.

His latest movie, 'Mahogany Sunrise' is a stylistic lovers on the run tale with themes greed, chance encounters and doing what you are meant to in life.

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