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  1. 09:09

    Scratch Hour of Code Activity Videos

    by ScratchEd

    15 Videos

    Want your students to participate in the Hour of Code? Join in by making interactive holiday cards with Scratch! The Hour of Code is a one-hour, hands-on introduction to computer science. It is…

  2. 08:53

    About Scratch

    by ScratchEd

    4 Videos

  3. 18:08:20

    ScratchEd Webinars

    by ScratchEd

    17 Videos

    From January 2011 - June 2012, the ScratchEd Team hosted a monthly series of one-hour webinars for Scratch educators. Topics included: My First Scratch Project, Debugging Demystified, Hosting a Scratch…

  4. 01:43

    Scratch Curriculum Guide | Session 3: Programmed to Dance

    by ScratchEd

    4 Videos

    These videos correspond to the "Programmed to Dance" activity in session 3 of the Scratch curriculum guide. -

  5. 06:16

    ScratchEd: Designing support for educators as designers

    by ScratchEd

    4 Videos

    Videos for the ScratchEd PLAY! Case Study

  6. 03:31:34

    Scratch Educator Show & Tell Videos

    by ScratchEd

    59 Videos

    We're constantly inspired by the great work that educators are doing with Scratch in, out, and after schools. In these videos, educators share how they are using Scratch in quick, 2-4 minute…

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