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Screaming Eagle is the result of success in the digital magazine space and the need to help our advertisers communicate online with our readers on a deeper level. A level that could be consistently tracked and demonstrate a tangible ROI, in real time.

Film is a rapidly growing B2B and B2C medium, now 56% of B2B marketers use film as a bastion of their overall strategies, a 50% jump from 2011.

We bring to the market the caliber and style of production you’d expect to see on commercial television. But that doesn’t mean you should be investing in commercial television rates for your productions. We recognise that even the smallest of small businesses needs to market themselves, and we price our services accordingly. But rather than take our word for it, pick the most lavish looking production from our projects page and speak to one of our clients, we’ll even introduce you.

The cost of video production has tumbled in the past few years just as the capability to communicate using film has grown rapidly online.

A great video production conveys information clearly, quickly and in an entertaining fashion. Compared to print based media, a video production can be easily updated and re-edited to target a different audience.

These elements combined mean video production is now a cost effective communications resource for any business to use.


We all know the power of the internet as a marketing tool to target both focused regional and international audiences alike. It’s completely free of charge. There are no costs for space, no restrictions on when and where you can market, no distribution costs. Online video can be monitored and all the relevant metrics easily acquired. Who watched your film, for how long, when, but most importantly what did they do next. We believe that your film should demonstrate a return on investment beyond clicks and views. Sure, it’s a fantastic branding exercise, but where’s the payoff?

We work with our clients to develop key triggers and a call to action to not only track audience interest but produce an ROI.

There is no beating around the bush in this time of austerity, we are all looking for a more tangible medium, video production represents a cost effective alternative to paper. The annual report, glossy prospectus, sales literature, press release, a video production is much cheaper to produce and it can be easily updated year on year.


Your interested in film, you’ve managed to get over the pre-conceptions that it will equate to a second mortgage, (It doesn’t, nor should it) and now you want to know if your idea can become a reality on camera. Film is for pretty much everyone. Broad sweeping generalisation we know.

So lets take a few examples. This year we were approached by the International Hotels Group, owner of the Crowne Plaza – London City. The ask, produce a promotional film of their new Champagne and Cigar Bar at Blackfriars. The catch, it was still being built. What they did have were some beautiful CAD drawings from their architects, could we break these down to their component parts and produce a slick promotional video for this new launch. Of course, with a little CGI, some live footage and expertly designed graphics from their architect, we delivered the goods:

So your not a luxury hotel, lets take something polls apart, your a small team of craftsmen that have a collective experience of over 100 years building Bristol Cars and a myriad of other classics.

We worked with the sages at Brabazon Motors in 2012 and filmed what could possibly be one of the most beautiful films we produced that year. Your a classic car restoration and repair company but you don’t want a five minute film of the team, in the workshop, knee deep in grease. Nor do you want a car advert. What you want is a film that opitimises what it is to be a Bristol car owner. If at this point you are thinking, ‘i have never heard of Bristol Cars’, then you are the perfect audience:

If you aren’t convinced that your business could benefit from at least a discussion, please, lend us your eyes and ears a little longer.

Mobizy produce a toolkit of mobile business applications that sit on it’s open-source platform. How do you accurately market a toolkit of web based applications B2C and B2B? Rather than compiling a powerpoint presentation of usage or a drawn out sales brochure, for Mobizy we produced a tailored kinetic text and user animation film showcasing the softwares full range. 10’000 hits and counting.


Of course, produce a DVD and stream the finished film from your website, but also upload the video as part of a social media campaign to You Tube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook and beyond. There are now so many online ‘channels’ to choose from and, as they are all ‘free to air’ why not use them all. Embed the finished film inside your smart phone mobile site or iPad app as part of your m-commerce. As smart phone adoption increases (exponentially, internationally, and across all demographics) the need for any business to build media vehicles for mobile consumers is rapidly growing….


Whether you want to commission a series of ‘talking head’ interviews by senior board directors, or a sales promotion video to highlight your restaurant, bar, hotel, car, tech, innovation or simply put your product, the process of pretty much any production can be split into three parts: pre production, production and post production.

But first, please do call the office for an informal discussion about your business, we don’t bite, unless it is integral to the film of course.

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