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Screen Door Films was incorporated in May of 2005. We are a multimedia production company dedicated to the art of modern story telling. Our focus is in providing you a look at life as it happens: to tell stories steeped in reality, while at the same time creating work that allows you to transcend your reality and live for awhile in someone else’s world. Our work strives to remain true to the premise that every story is important, and every story needs to be told. Sometimes our stories will challenge you to go places never considered before, and perhaps challenge you to visit places you’d rather not be. Other times we’d simply sit like you to sit back, laugh a bit and enjoy the ride. It is our belief that by embracing new technology as well as creativity, ingenuity and true personal insight, the stories we tell will resonate with you and cause you to think, all the while striving to produce work that is reflective of a craftsmanship and a respect for those who experience it. We encourage you to look at, look into, and look beyond… The Screen Door.

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