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Screenwerks is a collective of the finest Video DJs in the United States. Joining forces from cities across the country and boasting an abundance of skill and experience, Screenwerks takes pride in advancing the art form of Video DJing. Screenwerks creates mixed-media art for the now generation, merging all elements of pop culture into an engaging new platform.

Our services include: remixing existing music and video content for our media and advertising partners; creating original eye-popping content for television, web and mobile distribution; performing live Video DJ sets at top festivals and nightclubs around the world.

Combining a passion for music, an eye for good visuals and a dedicated mastery of the latest hardware and software, Screenwerks is at the cutting edge of entertainment and technology.

Screenwerks is: 2nd Nature, Jordan Laws, Jay-E and Steve 1Der. The team is overseen by executive producer/manager Jonathan “Shecky Green“ Shecter.

For more information, contact Shecky at 702.292.6999 or

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