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I'm Randy Walters, and I have the ridiculous good fortune to live with one of ROLI's very first Seaboard Grand LFEs. The LFE stands for Limited First Edition, and only 88 will be made; mine is engraved with key number A1. Amazing!

I've been playing synthesizers for over 40 years, and they were the focus of my study as a student at Brown University. The Seaboard opens a new world of expression for musicians, and this Vimeo channel will feature my work with music, animation and cinematography. You can find more at my site, Thanks for watching!

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  1. An utterly astonishing work. We are all in your debt; thank you. It boggles the mind that despite the horrors documented, you managed to end on a note of pure optimism. What a species we are, and have the potential to be.