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The mission of Seacat Creative is to capture and share the outdoor experience.

Through authentic and unproduced photographs, raw and real-time video footage, written articles, blog entries, forum submissions, and direct accounts from the field, Seacat Creative documents and embodies the story of adventure. This story of adventure is composed of real-life characters, amazing wilderness landscapes, vital equipment, constant challenge, and always the pursuit of the experience.

Officially established in 2009, Seacat Creative grew out of a privately run photography business. What began as a need to provide extreme and authentic photographic images to leading outdoor equipment companies, evolved into a marketing business with the purpose of telling the story behind the unique photos and the grit, determination, and essential equipment that made it all possible. A beautiful story is incomplete without the channels in which to distribute. Seacat Creative specializes in the documentation of outdoor experiences, coupled with identifying the most effective means of reaching our client’s target audience with the content we provide.


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