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  1. 03:23:42

    A Seafarer's Life

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    117 Videos

    International seafarers share stories of their life and work. Hear about loneliness, danger, fear—and joy. Meet the men and women SCI serves, face to face. Learn more at

  2. 04:01:39

    A Towboater's Life

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    114 Videos

    Mariners who work on inland waterways towboats share stories of their daily life and work—its challenges and joys. SCI serves these men and women through its Ministry on the Rivers and Gulf…

  3. 01:26:59

    SCI People

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    43 Videos

    Meet the staff, interns and volunteers of North America's largest mariners' service agency. Learn more at

  4. 41:44

    Why SCI Matters

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    21 Videos

    A sampling of videos that show the impact of SCI's programs and services to working mariners from around the globe. Learn more about SCI, its mission and how it helps mariners at

  5. 19:32

    Christmas at Sea

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    11 Videos

    Thanks to volunteers who knit, collect and pack gifts for mariners working during the holiday season, SCI's Christmas at Sea program provides handmade hats and scarves and warm greetings to tens…

  6. 19:46

    Center for Seafarers' Rights

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    10 Videos

    Videos about SCI's Center for Seafarers' Rights and related issues of legal advocacy, legislation, etc. For more information, visit

  7. 06:11

    Center for Maritime Education

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    4 Videos

    SCI's Center for Maritime Education trains professional mariners in safety and navigation. Learn more at

  8. 07:30

    Superstorm Sandy

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    4 Videos

    Superstorm Sandy hit New York and New Jersey on October 29, 2012. SCI's Port Newark International Seafarers' Center sustained a lot of damage but staff—and seafarers—worked hard…

  9. 19:22

    Behind the Scenes on the MV Wayne P. LaGrange

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    3 Videos

    These videos from ACL's MV Wayne P. LaGrange show parts of the vessel an ordinary person might never get to see. Take a tour of the engine room and control room with Engineer Dennis Osborn, and…

  10. 06:02

    Offshore Life

    by The Seamen's Church Institute

    2 Videos

    Videos featuring members of the offshore maritime workforce.

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