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Austin, Texas

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I was born in Hawaii, and grew up in the Texas border town of El Paso. After high school, I lived in New Mexico and earned my bachelor degree in RTF from the University of North Texas before heading to California.

In 2004, I returned to El Paso via an indirect 7000-mile journey. While documenting my route, I found ephemeral scenes that could endure as art. From that point on, I sought to diminish the inherently subjective and exclusive nature of “taking a picture.” Beyond creating a visceral link between the audience and the image itself, I also hope to reconnect lost pathways within the viewer by triggering a memory, an epiphany or simple aesthetic respite.

I recently acquired my Master of Arts in Photojournalism at The University of Texas at Austin, where I have learned how to give a breath and a pulse to both the ecstasy and turmoil in our world. I recently traveled to Africa and Honduras, and have spent summers shooting on a guest ranch in Colorado. I love the beach as much as the mountains, and write everything from poems to screenplays. I also play guitar and air drums.

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