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I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now I'm living in Zurich, Switzerland.
I'm a director, DoP, colorist.
I made the SAE Digital Film and Animation school. Have a Bachelor in Filmmaking Arts.

Here a small interview from with me:
My equipment:
Red One MX with canon Birger mount and impero wireless controller. ActionProducts shoulderrig, Redrockmicro Mattebox, Origo controller, LCD, HDD 640Gb, 4 x8Gb, 3x 16Gb...etc...
Grading Suite Da Vinci Resolve:
-Mac Pro 12Core 2.93GhZ
-ATI Radeon HD 5770
-Nvidia Quadro 4000
-Apple Display 27'' und 23''
-Sony BMW-L2300 + Remote Controller
-Da Vinci Resolve
-Tangent Wave Panel


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