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DATE OF BIRTH: February 6th, 1981

When I was a kid, giving life to my toys, whether it was a creature, a character, a car or some other element, has always been something that I loved. Time passed by and it’s now possible to do the same thing on a computer, that’s why I became an animator.

I graduated from Think Tank Training Center (Vancouver, Canada) where I passed my animation certificate, and I recently did an “Advanced Acting Animation Mentoring” with CG Spectrum and thanks to my mentor Mark Pullyblank.

I also have previous experience in the Game industry as a Character/Creature Animator at Ubisoft (Montpellier/France) and also as a freelance Character Animator for the company Imperia Media (Vancouver/Canada).

Working in a big studio like Ubisoft made me improve my team work skills, allowing me to share my knowledge and communicate effectively with the other employees. Animating as a freelance artist gave me the ability to be very organized and disciplined to meet tight deadlines.

Beside this professional background and thanks to my studies, I'm also very versatile and always keen on learning new aspects of a production pipeline. I learned how to troubleshoot any problem using all the tools given to me.

Other than animating I use my new APN to improve my composition skills and achieve outstanding photos.

Enjoy watching my videos !

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