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I'm a French journalist, host and documentary director. For years I worked on wildlife documentaries, mostly in Eastern Africa and I kept from theses experiences an immoderate love for wildlife, African people and hot air ballooning.
All these travels pushed me to share this other vision of our world with peoples who still perpetuate traditional way of lives.
For 3 years, I hosted the series Between Earth and Sky and explored Mali, Morocco, South Africa, Namibia, Jordan, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia (broadcasted on Canal+, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, RTBF, TV5...)
I recently hosted and directed 8 films in Africa and South America for Thalassa, a sea dedicated magazine.
In 2013, I directed an 85 minutes' documentary on the Okavango delta in Botswana, one of the last wild eden on earth... I just came back from Australia where I travelled on the Road of Dreams for an 85 minutes' documentary.
I'm now busy planning other adventures around the globe...

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