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Located in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, Second Nature is like an art space of 350m2, a festival and more generally a multicultural project in the field of electronic music and digital arts.
Second Nature is an initiative that actively works to promote artistic creation in its hybrid and borderless diversity, and that promotes the crossing practices and public experimentation with new forms, scripts or languages, and gives unprecedented aesthetic experiences.
As a permanent place dedicated to transdisciplinary creation, production, and dissemination, Seconde Nature is also a center of cultural competence that offers a range of training into the fields of electronic music and the digital arts.
Our policy to support the creation focuses on supporting experiments or procedures that recorded in the field of music, visual arts or performing arts, challenge in terms of their aesthetic singularity.
Generally the methods of support that Seconde Nature sets up for the artists go beyond the only purpose of the work and excellence in contributing to the cultural dynamics of its project.
The association favors relationships and exchanges between artists and audiences by implementing a number of mediation activities.

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