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I have been interested in film and video for as long as i can remember. The fascination began as early as elementary school, growing up around motorcycles, bicycles, snow sports and my Mother video taping every last moment of my day. I was always trying to please the camera, until the thought of being the one holding camera came about. I am currently furthering my education in the Final Cut Pro and After Affects programs at Lake Tahoe Community College.

My interests carried on and led me to peruse my dreams through my favorite past-times. Although it was only for the fun of it, most of my early knowledge has been gained through trial and error. I became a mentor on my local mountain bike team in 2005, teaching and perfecting the skills of myself and fellow riders by always setting a good example for others. I began to learn the process of video production from high school projects, rider profile videos, and even plain old commercials. One of my favorite after school activities was rounding up the crew to go ride bikes and make the small productions we called our movies.

My creativity blossomed and led me to move to this beautiful paradise we call home, Lake Tahoe. I have been living in South Lake for two years and counting, where every chance I get I go out and film anything that comes to mind. In those short two years myself and several other talents crafted multiple short film productions to follow our extreme, adrenaline filled lives by catching every detail possible with the little equipment we had.

Since then I have brought myself to further my knowledge and hope to make a career of my skills by attending college classes. I have been working with various versions of Final Cut on my Mac over the past seven years, but would be ecstatic to be taught the greater knowledge of a producer/editor from something other than just a classroom setting. Since I have started school I have been interested in any opportunity that would expand my capabilities in the video production world.


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