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  1. 20:50

    Library of Congress Visitor Experience

    by Second Story

    23 Videos

    The Visitor Experience at the Library of Congress is the result of an unprecedented institutional initiative in which technology interconnects every interpretive offering on view in the library with…

  2. 15:50

    The Walt Disney Family Museum

    by Second Story

    17 Videos

    The Walt Disney Family Museum is dedicated to telling Walt’s story. As visitors journey through the inspiring narrative of his artistry and innovation, these interactive installations provide…

  3. 20:55

    Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center

    by Second Story

    17 Videos

    The Gettysburg National Military Park is one of the most visited national parks in the United States. This suite of interactive and media-rich installations created for the new museum presents the…

  4. 11:10

    McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum

    by Second Story

    15 Videos

    The McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum is the nation’s first museum dedicated to the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. The museum houses over 25 interactive exhibits throughout the 10,000…

  5. 10:41

    Gerding Theater at the Armory

    by Second Story

    14 Videos

    In 2006 the Portland Armory was reopened to the public after being transformed into a state-of-the-art performing arts facility. Built in 1891 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places,…

  6. 21:15

    Vault of the Secret Formula

    by Second Story

    13 Videos

    As they step through the huge vault door at the World of Coca-Cola, visitors are transported into a tale about the most famous and mysterious trade secret in history—the secret formula of Coca-Cola.…

  7. 15:19 video revisions

    by Second Story

    12 Videos

    Videos being updated for review

  8. 17:41

    GRAMMY Museum

    by Second Story

    12 Videos

    The GRAMMY Museum, in the heart of the L.A. Live entertainment destination in downtown Los Angeles, brings visitors into the creative process of music making and the history behind today’s musical…

  9. 10:20

    National World War I Museum

    by Second Story

    11 Videos

    In 2006 the National World War I Museum was opened in Kansas City, Missouri as a commemoration to those who served in the First World War. Located beneath the Liberty Memorial that opened in 1926,…

  10. 05:02

    Honda FCX Clarity

    by Second Story

    8 Videos

    To introduce the world’s first production hydrogen automobile, three interactive installations were integrated into the displays featured in auto shows throughout North America. The clean lines,…

  11. 08:57

    Historiscope: A Raree-Show and History of the Armory

    by Second Story

    8 Videos

    Through two apertures in this period-inspired, moveable peep-show, visitors can peer into the colorful past of Portland’s Armory building. For complete project credits visit: Portland…

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