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seeLIFE Pictures specializes in capturing the distinct vision, perspective and point of view of our clients through customized video productions for both personal and professional use. Our full-service team of experts emerge from richly diversified backgrounds as producers, directors, cinematographers and marketing executives in the areas of international documentary and film production. We offer a complete menu of services that take projects from early inception to intricately nuanced professional productions.

seeLIFE is committed to a thorough process of absorbing our client’s individual story and specific intent, then applying our creative knowledge and experience to bring that to life via the most dynamic medium of our age. seeLIFE is devoted to providing innovative, private documentaries, personal keepsakes and family heirlooms for our clientele. Ensuring a confidential space where clients can entrust the recording of their most personal family memories, we tailor each production to envision, enhance and express the desired message of the client. We believe that the celebration of a special anniversary, wedding, new addition to your family, graduation, holiday or the commemoration of a lifetime of accomplishment, cannot be captured thoroughly through a standardized or commercial medium. seeLIFE Pictures can implement your unique concept, illustrate your vision and create a professional quality production that reflects all aspects of the experience. See your life through our lens.

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