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"See You in Copenhagen" is a campaign of short films and ads produced by Found Object Films, in cooperation with the UN Foundation and to raise public awareness and support civic engagement in advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The campaign launches at Climate Week NYC and will culminate at COP 15 this December.

The short films and ads feature real-life people whose stories are each a piece of the Climate Change ‘policy puzzle’: a Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist, a green industry leader, a grassroots activist and a UN negotiator. Through these portraits, we - as an audience and as participants in the climate change discourse - come to understand what is at stake, what the different roles are in this complex UN negotiation, and what is possible.

Most of all, we come to relate to individual people with a stake in the fight. People like us.

Director: Gabriel London
Producer: Colleen Hard
DP: William Charles Moss
Post Prod: Mighty:Pictures
Sup. Editor: Charlie Sadoff
Editor: Nick Clark
Asst. Editor: Peter Buntaine
Graphics: Riss Design
Music by Ronan Coleman & Augustus Skinner
Addl. Music by James Dooley

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