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Founded in 2000 by a bunch of hungry design addicts, Sehsucht has come to leave its mark as a top-notch quality label in the field of animations and graphics.

With the same untiring drive and excitement as back in the early days, we direct and produce cutting-edge digital content for our clients from the creative industries.We count more than 30 design-obsessed individuals that are united in their aspiration to further push the boundaries of storytelling by deploying narrative concepts that deliberately blend commerce with art.

Our services encompass the entire creative process for any animation production – starting with the very first idea, through the conception and realization phases, all the way to the final touches. We purposely cross conventional client-supplier borders in order to explore the process as a shared experience, nourishing from strengths that slumber on both sides and multiply to something greater than the mere sum.

We understand ourselves as a creative partner for our clients with whom we work hand-in-hand and side-by-side for the development and advance- ment of brand identities and message creation. Our high commitment to quailty – technical precision combined with an unerring sense for stories and aesthetics – has enabled us to build strong relationships with leading advertising agencies throughout the world, and brought us numerous high-profile industry recognitions.
Among countless international highprofiled awards, we are proud of being awarded with Silver and Golden Cannes Lions. All of our productive offspring can be fully credited to the collaborative efforts of teams.

We strive to create visual spheres that tear down imaginary walls, and not only throw audiences into a state of constant surprise and estatic stimulation, but more importantly – remain as special moments to be remembered and leave everlasting footprints that change the way we think, feel and dream.

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