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Seif possesses in-depth live visual mixing knowledge. He has mixed visuals for numerous local acts, and many famous performing artists. Mixing along side some of the best local DJs, as well as displaying amazing visual talent during sets for many of the world best DJs, this where he feels most at home. The passion does not go unnoticed.
Whether it is Free form visuals or choreographed mixing, indoor or outdoor fairs or festivals, or live music video re-mixes for hip hop parties, Seif is certain to mix the visuals that carries just the right mood. Seif also provides design, install, operation and maintenance of high-end video systems. For dazzling displays of modern, moving catalyst system; LED displays, LED walls, Matrix video walls classic, analog projectors in discotheques; or for live band applications. Moreover, his diverse knowledge in sound, and lighting systems enables Seif to offer his talents in lighting programming, and audio installations.
The Visual equipment, along with its layout and operation are crucial to the success of your event. This is where the expertise of Seif Salem comes into the picture. Seif has provided his services to everything from local and national nightclubs to major headliner Events. From his recent work as TD throughout South Florida's premier Nightclubs such as Crobar, Angel Ultra Lounge, Sushi Samba, Penthouse Lounge, Amika, Nocturnal night club , Karu & Y, and many more: Events, Convention centers, Beach parties, and Private Parties all across Miami beaches famous islands such as star Island, and the Venetian causeway. Seif Moved to Egypt at the end of 2007 to further expand the live VJ scene in Cairo city, and the rest of Egypt. Since then Seif has performed hundreds of live visual act, and is currently the TD for Pacha nightclub, Sharm el Sheikh.
Seif's credentials are solid. Seif is often called upon as Visual programmer to program and operate comprehensive intelligent video systems. From basic composite to complex HD video matrix consoles, and advanced video design, Seif can design, implement and operate the most sophisticated conventional and intelligent multi screen applications. Well-versed in video requirements and aerial rigging, Seif can do much more than just program, and mix visuals. He can perform site surveys, offer suggestions that will offset costly oversights, and manage complete custom-design applications.


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