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Filmmaker, D.O.P, Art Director, Photographer
Born in Tokyo in 1969. Started his career in the music industry. Went to the U.S. in 1991. Moved base to New York. Transitioned to the visual industry as an engineer in every genre from TV programs to motion picture production while in New York. After returning to Japan, went fully into production, and after gaining experience in video production, stage direction and space creation, participated in the foundation of the "Drawing and Manual" Design Studio in 1997. Was an active trailblazer of motion graphics rendering. While taking advantage of CG, the Web, programming and other digital tools, actively worked to integrate into his work the film and photographic techniques which he cultivated, allowing him to develop a characteristically unique style unlimited by existing frameworks. In addition, his network across the music, movie, ad and design industries is extensive, and the cross-generational appeal and spirit of craftsmanship that his soft-mannered work displays draws many fans from among his clients on the leading edge and those who are the venerable company. In 2009, despite only having graduated from high school, he took a position as Professor of Department of Science of Design at Musashino Art University. In 2011 “Xylophone”, a commercial he directed for NTT Docomo, won three awards at the Cannes Lions. This film has been screened at international conferences such as TED thereafter. Now, his first photo exhibition will be held 2011.

Awards –
New York ADC awarded 2000,
London International Advertising Awarded 2001,
IBA International Broadcast Awarded 2002,
iF Design Award - Atmosphere Awarded (3 divisions in total),
Asia Pacific Advertising Festival Bronze Awarded 2008,
One Show Interactive Merit Awarded 2009,
Cannes International Advertising Festival Silver/Gold Awards (in 3 divisions) 2011

1969年東京生まれ。音楽業界からキャリアをスタート。1991年渡米。拠点をニューヨークへと移す。渡米と同時に映像業界へ転身し、TV番組から映画製作までエンジニアとしてあらゆるジャンルの映像に関わった。帰国後、本格的に演出の道へ進み、映像演出、舞台演出、空間演出などの経験を積んだ後、1997年、デザインスタジオ DRAWING AND MANUALの設立に参画。モーショングラフィックス表現の草分け的存在として活躍する。CGやWeb、プログラミングなどデジタルを駆使する一方で、培ってきたフィルムの技法や写真なども積極的に創作に取り入れ、既成の枠組みにとらわれることのない独特のスタイルを持ち味とする。また、音楽業界、映像業界、広告業界、デザイン業界と横断する人脈が幅広く、先端のクライアントから老舗のクライアントまで、世代を超えた表現と職人気質で物腰の柔らかい演出でファンも多い。2009年、高卒であるにもかかわらず武蔵野美術大学基礎デザイン学科教授に就任。2011年、監督を務めたNTTドコモのCM「森の木琴」がカンヌ国際広告賞にて三冠受賞した。同年、映像作家として初の写真展が開催される予定。

2000年 ニューヨークADC賞
2001年 ロンドン国際広告賞
2002年 IBA―International Broadcast Award
2005年 iFデザイン賞 アトモスフィア賞など3部門
2008年 アジア太平洋広告祭 銅賞
2011年カンヌ国際広告賞 3部門で金賞、銀賞

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