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Brisbane, QLD Australia

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Kim is a creative, innovative young artist. Unbound by conventional views on art, she is willing to take risks and chances to further her own artistic views, skills and abilities.

H.R. Giger and Keith Thompson are a couple of the many respectable figures Kim has been inspired by. She's amused just at the thought of being able to adopt the creatures from 'Alien' as pets. Not too heavily influenced by today's growing market for anime, she loves classic enchanting stories like 'Totoro' and 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' by Hayao Miyazaki. Like them, she wants her stories to engage and captivate the audience while instilling valuable lessons like preserving the world we live in and treasuring the moments most precious to us.

Kim loves playing with visual aesthetics and applying her skills in post-production. A perfectionist, she loves to work on anything she does until she reaches the desired outcome. Creating a beautiful story can only be accomplished when the work is polished and seamless.

In pursuing her passion for 3D animation, Kim is looking forward to working in the big league for animation studios such as Pixar or DreamWorks. But in the near future, she's going to enjoy her peaceful life on the Queensland coast looking for Nemo.

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