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self-evident are signed to US label, doubleplusgood as well as Stiff Slack Records in Japan.

In the time since their last release (2009’s Endings), Minneapolis trio Self-Evident have been busy touring. They spent a month playing shows throughout Europe, in addition to several US tours. This past July the band traveled to Japan, a tour highlighted by headlining both nights of the Summer Meeting Festival in Tokyo. All of this playing has not gone to waste. On November 6th, Self-Evident return with an even more refined, melodic & challenging sound that is truly their own on We Built a Fortress on Short Notice, their 6th album (4th for dpg). Recorded in Februrary with longtime engineer, Carl Amburn, the new album displays the constant evolution of a band that blends elements of math, post rock, hardcore, and more into a singular voice. Imagine a band with jazz like chops, but raised on the Discord and Touch & Go catalogs. The band will kick off a 3 week US Tour on November 2nd and will be returning to Europe in the spring of 2013. WBAFOSN is available on CD & LP via Stickfigure Distribution or digitally from iTunes worldwide, eMusic, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp, etc.

Early Press for We Built a Fortress on Short Notice:

“They recorded Fortress in February with engineer Carl Amburn, who has worked with the band for years, honing their on point rhythms and riffs that have hints of the raw intensity of Fugazi or Quicksand. But there is certainly a more restrained, melodic nature to these new songs as well, which adds an impassioned tension to their combustible sound.”-- Erik Thompson, City Pages

“Self-Evident play a kind of shouty, skittering, mathy punk rock, sounding like a weird amalgam of California funny-punk and King Crimson, shifting time signatures at the drop of a hat and creating grooves that aren’t grooves inside songs that are only sorta songs. Which we realize sounds bizarre, but it works marvelously on their new LP, We Built A Fortress On Short Notice, a record driven by a potency that propels the band into fascinating territories.” --Jon Hunt, l’etoile magazine

"Three guys from Minneapolis play sort of mathy post punk indie thing pretty darn good at it too. Is a bit more challenging than their last release ”Endings”, but equally this album doesn't disappoint me because I do love angular guitar riffs of which there are plenty. I like everything I've heard from these guys. Really good, well thought out song structures. Go listen" --New Noise (UK)

“Rumors” is the opening track from We Built a Fortress on Short Notice and is a pretty good intro to those who might still be unfamiliar with the band. Staccoto guitar punctuates a distorted bass groove and precise drumming. Musically and vocally recalling some of the dissonant math rock of the 90s.” --Adam Bubolz, Reviler

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