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2d/3d Artist

Sergio Sempere, aka Sempereman, was born in Elx, Spain.

He studied design in Derby, UK, and took part in the EAM (European Animation Masterclass) in Halle, Germany, with Raimund Krumme as a tutor.

When he came back to Spain, he and Laura Vilella founded thePAPERkids studio, specializing in children's illustration.

After many books, cutouts, and plushies, he returned to the animation world as a visual developer, character artist, and matte painter for the award-winning "Orbitas" short film, worked on the video game "Ryse, Son of Rome" as a 3D artist, and as the concept artist for a toy company.

Currently, he keeps on moving continuously between the Second and Third Dimension while he tries to master the Fourth.


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