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Glendale AZ

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Senior Sage retired at 79 looking to get involved in Show Biz. Have some fantasies that I will be posting in Video soon. Have been self employed most of the way and I still have an online Business featuring Promotional Products. It is never too late to begin.. Words of Wisdom from Senior Sage: " Birthdays are good for you. Research shows that the more you have the longer you live".. Happy Birthdays!!

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  • Business Website - Promo Products for your Business or Event at discount Prices. Bic Pens, Drinkware, Totes, etc. Screen Printing & Embroidery Services for Corp Apparel
  • You Tube Channel - Music by my younger bro who is self taught on Guitar and writes the songs..
  • Beauty Contest OnLine - Looking for Investors to start a Special Beauty Contest On-Line. It will be unique and it has a huge potential as an On-Line Venture.
  • Video Fantasy - Looking for Investors to get my Video Idea starring Britney Spears off the ground. It will be a Blockbuster if we can get her to star in this Production..
  • Facebook - My Business Facebook Page


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