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I am looking to buy a place in FL near the water and turn it into a luxurious B&B unlike any other. A place where people will come from around the world.. I will have workshops for couples, intimacy coaching, but it will also be a healing Spa. This has been my dream for years. I am a Dr of Psychology, a Sexy Sexpert and a Natural Medicine Practitioner. I have gone way beyond my academic years to educate myself in different areas of natural healing. I am extremely passionate about what I do and have been helping couples mend their relationships since 1991. I want to expand my practice and combine it with natural healing. My business will also provide jobs, as I will need some staff. I want to provide my clients with the best care, in a private. soothing environment. This B&B will have state of the art healing equipment, which is natural and non invasive. The need for natural medicine practitioners is vastly growing. People are becoming aware that conventional medicine is not helping. I will have an infrared sauna, a mineral water pool, a whole body vibration machine, as well as the most up to date diagnostic software like the Zyto technology. If you help me, we can work out some kind of a deal that will appeal to you. I am open to suggestions. If you have any tips on how to make my campaign a successful one pls share. I am not too proud to listen to others who have more experience. I have moved to FL from CT and am restarting my business from scratch, I have the drive, the education, I have the knowledge and experience, all I need, is a kind person to help me launch successfully :) To help, pls visit my crowfunding link below. Thank you. P.S. Check out my other pages if you want to know more.

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