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sentidosilimitados® is a cultural company that exists to promote and add value to the human, economic, cultural and artistic heritage, to take creative action and offer links between communities.
Gathers creative teams to generate both unique and innovative performances.
Develops activities which promote Human progress through the creation of multidisciplinary initiatives for all ages.
Our aim is to create an open, plural, conscientious, effective and multidimensional communication space, in which ethics and joy play a determinant role for sharing and evolution.

Project Compota.
creativity, collaboration and improvisation

Compota is a fusion of dance, music and visual art. It offers all participants – both performers and audience – a scenic space where each artistic element is improvised in real time.
Compota, which means Jam in Portuguese, was formed in February 2004 to bring together performers and creators from different artistic disciplines in research sessions and performances. The project exists to experiment with the blending of various art forms and stimulate interactions between artists and audiences. Compota links individual growth and society’s intimacy with art, bridging and nourishing people through creative processes.

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