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Seoul, Korea

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Founded in 2002 by Michael R. Wright, the Seoul Synergy Cycling and Triathlon Club supports fellow athletes in Korea. The name Seoul Synergy was picked by the club on the suggestion of member Ernesto Cortez.

"Synergy" embodies the team’s outlook on training and competing. Synergy is the combination of energy that creates more than individual efforts. Seoul Synergy members work together and achieve better results than they could alone.

The mission of the Seoul Synergy Cycling/Tri Club is to promote fitness, friendship and international relationships. The club provides information, motivation, training support and social activities for athletes of all nationalities, ages and abilities.

Team members are encouraged to participate in as many events as time allows. No one has to train or compete alone within the Seoul Synergy family. There is always a “buddy” to be found.

Saturday mornings are cycling workouts. These workouts focus on long miles or intense hill climbs. Seoul and its surrounding areas are the perfect setting for training on steep climbsand the team’s members make wise use of their surroundings.

Seoul Synergy is a team that really does produce something greater than the sum of just the individuals’ efforts.

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