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I am an artist filmmaker living in London since 2005. I initially studied sound and image at the Fine Art universities of Portugal and Holland. With the objective of combining my interest in cinema, performance and fine arts, I undertook two master degrees in London, the first in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins and the second in “Dance for the Screen” at The Place - London Contemporary Dance School. Since then, my art practice has become solely devoted to film and video as a medium to articulate gesture.

I had been developing experimental film and video in which the emphasis is not on verbal narration, but on the poetics of movement. In addition, particular attention is also focused on the sound and musical dimension that accompanies or underpins the cinematographic work. Consequently, montage is central to all my work. The compositions blend a documentary film genre (that could also be described as an ethnographic study) with a more experimental approach to art film.

My aim is to create art that is holistic, organic, and quotidian. I am mostly interested in visual storytelling, journeys of perception, encounters with people and places.

Part of my videos/films for instance, are the result of residencies in dispersed locations in Europe and from China (Asia) to Mozambique (Africa) and the United States (North America) – in which the exploration of other cultures, identity and diversity is at the core of my artistic output.

Some of my work is also an investigation and exploration of ways to challenge and subvert representations of physical and mental disability.

My films won several awards and have been internationally broadcasted on television (for instance as part of British Channel 4 Three Minute Wonder series’) and screened in film festivals and art galleries, including the collective exhibition Figuring Landscapes held at the Tate Gallery, London and “A Shaded Vew On Fashion Film” at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.


  1. La Gaîté Lyrique