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My name is Sergio Garcia, I live in Hamburg and I consider myself a fan of Post Production.

Course of 1750 lessons at School of Trazos in Madrid where I could realize modules of Cinema Digital Production, Editing and Digital Compositing, Autodesk Maya, Graphism for Television and Character Animation.

I control After Effects, Autodesk Maya and others and I know very well Pftrack and Nuke. Presently, I'm in a continuous improvement process in which I am learning HDR Light Studio and Arnold Render.

Five years of experience in the Post Production industry where I have worked in the graphics department of CUATRO TV and Telecinco TV (Spanish Television) and also as a Freelancer. I have worked for companies as: Visual Media, CCD TV Producciones, Intricate Productions , Makingoff and Haikufilms. Due to above activities, I had the possibility to work for brands as such as: Movistar, Gore-tex, FC Barcelona, P&G, Klob International ClickSoftware and others.

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