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Hello, my name is Sérgio and I tell stories. For as long as I can remember, I have collected tapes to cut them with scissors and re-tape them together. My first experience was taping together Dirty Dancing and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Mom cried, for I had screwed her favourite films. Instead, a gothic drama in the year 2085 took place. It was a complete success amongst the guys, in the neighbourhood, who have a special taste for extrapolating things, as so do I. My neighbours are not a difficult audience, thought they found the experience far-ahead and were amused by the films. Soon, I realised what I could get with this idea. By then, I began to exchange my father's cigarettes for tapes from the guys. With more tapes, I could elaborate further, crossing five to six films at time. By doing so, I got to have a more demanding public. Without prior notice, the Commercial Director of JVC came along: he enjoyed my work. He came from the US, only to help with the financing of my studies in Film Editing and Sound (CECC), in Barcelona. During that time, I made virals, videoart and short films. Two years later I returned to Lisbon, and from there I have edited video clips for the neighbors, institutional videos, advertising and feature films for ecstatic dudes.

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