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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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I am very passionate about helping leaders ★Gain Traction★ in their business Every Day through

✔ frictionless processes,
✔ consistency across disciplines,
✔ structuring their business, information, products, campaigns, work.

I take a thoughtful, no-nonsense approach to running the business & simultaneously creating the system for running the business. I balance Structure↔Creativity, Process↔Progress.

I Help leaders & leadership teams of Small-Medium-Sized Businesses. Typical client: 10-500 employees, $2M-$100M, locally and virtually.

★ BUSINESS EXECUTION CONSULTING: I evaluate, architect, manage processes across several business disciplines: tech Platforms, Promotional campaigns, Product stacks, ops Processes towards ↑ Profits.
■■ I deliver Guidance, Plans, Specs, Management, Research, Designs.

★ BUSINESS EXECUTION COACHING: I help leadership teams implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)--a suite of simple tools & processes. I take them on a very well choreographed journey to where everybody is clear on the vision, all much more disciplined and accountable in execution, and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive team.
■■ I deliver Business Traction on the outside with Frictionless Operations on the inside.

► Specialties:
✔ EOS ◘ business execution facilitator
✔ Business Process ◘ auditor •designer •BPM
✔ Virtual Marketing Campaigns ◘ producer •host
✔ Productivity ◘ coach •implementer
✔ Business Training ◘ curriculum •mindmapper
✔ Info & Software Products ◘ designer •evangelist
✔ Technology & Products ◘ auditor •designer
✔ Product Lifecycle ◘ manager •planner •visionary
✔ Software ◘ vision •architect
✔ Services & Products ◘ executive •marketer
✔ Requirements and Functions ◘ analyst •architect

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