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aurora, aurora borealis, banana breads, barbapapas, beautiful peoples, belgian waffles, birch trees, blackberries, blowing candles, blue skies, cats, chai latte, cherry trees, clever quotes, comic books, cookies, cooking pancakes, cubs, cuddles, cute birds, daffodils, deserts, doctor who, elks, emily loizeau's voice, fall, feeling free, fennecs, figs, fireflies, fireworks, fjords, flying chairs, foggy days, foxes, freckles, french cheeses, fresh baguette, full moon, goldfishes, helium baloons, homemade jams, hot showers, kookaburras, icebergs, kites, ladybirds, lambs, lemon pies, lonely clouds, making an onion pie, manta rays, massages, mint teas, mountains, my boyfriend, nebulae, ocean musics, origamis, paris, peacock feathers, pine trees, playing piano, poppies, prevert's poems, rainbows, raisin breads, road trips, scratching my eyes, slight rains, snowflakes, soap bubbles, snorkeling, sparrows, squirrels, storms, strawberrie ice creams, sunflowers, superheroes, super nintendo, swiming in mountain lakes, swings, sydney, taking pictures, trampoline, traveling, typewriter, volcanoes, waiting shooting stars, wales, walking barefoot, walking in the immaculate snow, walking in the sand, watching clouds, watermelons, winter, xylophone.

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