Seth Philpott

Nashville, TN

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There are certain things in this world that need to be experienced to be understood. Books like Alice In Wonderland, places like New Orleans, events like a rodeo. Unless you’ve taken the trip down the rabbit hole, stumbled into the French Quarter, fallen off the horse’s back into the red dirt, you just won’t fully understand these experiences.
Seth Philpott is like that. He’s great. Really great. But unless you’ve gotten your Philpott on, you won’t understand.
While most kids he knew grew up popping their zits to boy bands and Nirvana, Seth was ingesting large quantities of Willie Nelson, Tom Waits,  Otis Redding, and Van Morrison. In the end this shaped his music into an artistic cocktail that is one part blues, one part rock, two parts pop and one part poetry. That’s too many parts, I realize, but that’s Seth.
Seth grew up in small rock house in small town Texas and now resides in Tennessee’s Music City. He performs, writes and even sometimes accompanies many other amazing artists Artists like David Crowder, Dave Barnes, Ben Rector, Amy Stroup, Matt Wertz, Katie Herzig, Andrew Ripp, K.S. Rhoads and Andy Davis and so on. 
Seth takes times to inject heart and soul into his music. So shoot back Seth’s songs like a fifth of Jack and feel the joy in the struggle sink down into your spirit sparking a connection between your heartland and heaven.

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