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From Lancaster to Pittsburgh.

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I'm Alex Snyder, an aspiring comedy and screenwriter. I have ambitious goals to one day write for Saturday Night Live. Currently attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and will be graduating this June with an Associates Degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. Looking to move to Southern California to further my education and attend a school out west to Double Major in Screenwriting and Acting.

I have experience as a Production Assistant for independent companies and have experience organizing and development coordinating. I'm passionate, able to multitask in a high-stress environment. I possess a strong intellectual curiosity and am not intimidated by operating in the line of work. I'm positive and have an attitude that encourages and entertains.

I enjoy sketch comedy from Saturday Night Live- Second City. SURVIVOR is the greatest show of all time. My hopes and dreams are to work my way into Saturday Night Live and one day, make award winning motion-picture blockbusters as a director and/or producer. Story is everything.


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