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Sfinga Pro is a production house running by Gregor Kresal.

Gregor is currently working on a film "Eight and a Half Circles" at the
David Lynch MA in Film.
MUM, Fairfield - IA, USA.

An architect who spent 30 years climbing mountains around the world.

In 2000 he bought his first video camera and six years later he decided
that filmmaking is The Job. He is realizing his vision of movies with
designing and creating unique film devices that allow efficient visual
effects which are actually his trademark.

Three Grand Prix Awards, Award for the Best Screenplay, six other awards
and competition program for total of seventeen International Film Festivals,
all for The Sphinx, is currently the highlight of his filmmaking career.

SFINGA PRO, d.o.o. Film production
Gosposka 9, 1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, EU

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  1. Very impressive and suggestive video! A great exemple to follow (the director cut).