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Shane Grammer (born March 15, 1972) was born and raised in Chico, a small college town in Northern California. From an early age, Shane has always shown an interest in art, sketching and drawing throughout his childhood. But it wasn't until he began taking classes at Butte College, that Shane was introduced to one of his first major influences: graffiti. It was a then-20-year-old movie documenting graffiti in the New York City subways that gave Shane his first glimpse into the art that would become his artistic passion.

Despite his small-town upbringing, Shane was intrigued by the big cities and the urban hip-hop scene. In the late 1990s, Shane moved to the Bay Area to work with Crossroads, an organization that works with urban youth in after school programs. But there he also encountered another style of graffiti that would be very influential in his work - the large scale graffiti murals on the streets of San Francisco. Shane's work shows the fusion between the two - the pain and hardships he saw kids go through every day, and the gritty and larger than life art pieces.

In 1996, Shane began a new creative endeavor, the launch and development of SG Studies Inc., a business that would become a conduit for Shane's many forms of artistic expression. SG Studios enabled Shane to stretch himself as an artist and foster a wide variety of artistic styles and techniques. Today SG Studios offers everything from murals and sculptural art pieces to life-sized three dimensional themed environments, in variety of styles and concepts, ranging from realism to surrealism while keeping with Shane's urban, graffiti-based roots.

Shane is the consummate artist, known for his deeply emotional and passionate style. While he draws inspiration from daily life, ultimately most of his inspiration comes from God and the desire to paint God in a real and tangible way that will connect with his audience. Each of Shane's paintings communicate a message inspired by his own life or the lives of those around him.

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