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all I want to do, for the rest of my life, is create art through video


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  1. Shadee commented on HALEY CORBETT
    really love the quality of these images, they remind me of images that might be taken with a disposable camera. I also really enjoy the variety of shots and the atmosphere created with this set. Great job!
  2. Dearmis Jamison commented on Friends
    Haley Corbett- I love how natural very one appears to be in their photos. My favorite would have to be the one of mikey because i know how he is and it was perfectly captured.
  3. Shadee commented on OCHSE Slideshow
    Really love the light in this set and I think the grainy-ness of the photos really helps with the overall mood established here. I also really like that you stuck with the same subjects but they didn't look overused.