Shady Ishak

Cairo, Egypt

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- Directed – Co-directed & edited:

Knocking the doors (45 minutes) HD - Editor 2011
Segment "Birthday Echo" - Director
Segment "Continuous Pressure" – Co-director

Synopsis: five stories, different characters from different backgrounds, each has his own problem of being accepted or accepting what's happening around him, all the characters interacts in the five stories

- Directed & Written:

Endless Rhythm (12 minutes) HDV 2011

Synopsis: from the creator to humans, we all produce art, sometimes without noticing, art is all around us and we try to see it

An Interview With God (5 minutes) HD 2011

Synopsis: Waking up one day, trying to look for him, trying to find him in the beauty in life, in the faces that he created
Why…? (20 minutes) mini D.V. 2008

Synopsis: in the night of the big city, the chaos and corruption, a young man trying to find answers for his questions, a routine life of drugs and being unable to accept the surrounding

Participated in the Kustendorf film festival in Belgrade, Serbia "2009"
Participated in the FIPATEL film festival in Paris, France "2009"
Participated in the I’ve Seen film festival in Milano, Italy “2009”

Moments of Returning from in Front (7 minutes) 35mm 2006
Fiction (Experimental)
Co-Writer: Nagi Esmail

Synopsis: between dreams, memories and reality, the confusion of not understanding whether you are moving forward, or going backwards again

A Visit (30 minutes) DHI8 2005

Synopsis: the refugee camps in Lebanon, especially "Shatilla" and the circumstances they are living in and the role of a group of Egyptians who comes to the camp, giving art workshops to the small kids

The Accident (7 minutes) 35mm 2004

Synopsis: a student in a film school trying to make his first film, surrounded by the oppression of his professor, father, friend and lover

Participated in the Sehsushte film festival in Potsdam, Germany "2005"
Participated in the ILLUMENATION film festival in Helsinki, Finland "2005"

- Edited:

Mean Streets (50 minutes) DHI8 2006
Directed by: Ismaeel Hamdy

Synopsis: the underground drug life in Cairo and the lifestyle of the youth living in it
- Cinematography:

Three and A Half (12 minutes) HD 2012
Directed By: Hussein Ibrahim

Synopsis: in the seventies three men and a girl escape after a robbery, trying to make it out of the country through the desert


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