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Director of Photographer Shane Maritch is currently shooting & editing the documentary 'In between The Ropes". He has a rare combination of artistic talent & technical mastery & is punctual & professional.

Shane also does acting reels and short films with is wife Nyle Lynn who is an acting coach as the director. In order to understand how to make the most effective reels for actors Nyle & Shane have worked with casting directors, talent managers and agents to learn exactly how to get the shot that gets you called in. The actors he has photographed are working and their pictures are working for them. Shane says, "I absolutely love being a photographer. I get excited when I know I am getting great shots and I am so happy when actors call me and tell me they got called into an audition from the picture I took."

His wife & business partner, Nyle Lynn Maritch, is a professional actress & acting coach. Her students are working on Broadway. Hit TV shows and Hollywood films. She has also coached talent for successful admission into prestigious acting programs. Nyle is a compassionate, supportive coach who knows the industry inside and out. She is an asset to any actor & Shane's right hand gal.

The combination of Shane Maritch's artistic mastery in the area of photography and videography, lighting and sound along with, his wife, Nyle Lynn Maritch's expertise as an acting coach and director provides actors with their dream shoot. Working with these two passionate artists will add momentum to your acting success that is unmatched by any other studio in New York City. You will not only leave with great headshots & an awesome speed reel. You will understand the industry more deeply and will be prepared to present your best self to casting professional. You will be able to start living your dream!

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