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Mumbai, India

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I started out as a trainee with TV 18, a leading production house in India. I was exposed to the workings of storytelling broken down into pieces of a big jigsaw that finally comes together on the editing table. The script, the shoot, music, sound and all of what it takes.
It was an immediate draw, I wanted to be the kid putting this puzzle together. The ability to put countless hours of human effort and its proof captured on film/tape and the music and the sounds, all of this, within a limited capsule of time, and create an experience; so as to feel that you were present right when it all happened.
The edit room is surely a time machine in itself. Locked inside this dark room, staring at the countless hours of rushes and piecing it together; I woke up one day to realize that I was seven years older from the day I first fell in love with it. I enjoyed piecing together fiction, games, music shows, features, promos, documentaries and a whole other bunch of stuff in this time.
The world had moved onto other devices to seek entertainment and now they could carry it around in their pockets. The telephone had shrunk over these years, and also carried video screens and the works. You could listen to music, watch a movie, and make your own if you so wished.
So I continued my exploration into the realm of the smaller screen. In 2003, I joined Reliance Infocomm as the Technical Head for the value added services department, which provided audio- visual entertainment to its now over 10 million subscribers. Setting up the infrastructure and workflow to enable live news feeds, movie previews, music downloads and interactive gaming customized for a large range of mobile devices.
Reliance was in its early testing phase for interactive broadband television (Big TV,) and I was responsible for creating the customized workflow to convert the large digital database of Indian and international films into formats suitable for a broad range of television sets. This gave me an opportunity to watch endless hours of feature films from all over the globe, reminding me yet again of my original passion for the big dark box and its silver screen.
At this point, I returned back to mainstream television, and joined Fashion Television, as Creative and Post-Production Head.
This job was certainly filled with many challenges, yet the parties and the beautiful faces made it easy on my senses. After all, who can complain about some glamor. Isn't that an allure that draws millions to the cinematic experience of life. Where everything you know from life just looks so much better and more refined. In addition to my creative inputs, I was required to help with business development and marketing. This would involve major on-ground events: opening of F Bars, F Cafes, F Salons and organizing Fashion TV parties, accompanying seasonal fashion weeks that brought to the ramp some of the finest names in the industry to display their creations for the season.

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