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My background is a mixture of fine art, photography and film production.Temple grad 2013. I am very interested in animation (drawn, computer generated, and especially stop-motion).

I am ALWAYS looking for other artists (of any medium) to COLLABORATE with.

more updates to come


  1. Nick Cross
  2. Kristien Vanden Bussche
  3. Rafaella Buzzi
  4. Chloe Rodham
  5. Messengers Cinema
  6. Yuri Myeon
  7. Adam Evans
  8. Samuel Angus Campbell
  9. Network 636 Productions
  10. Pawel Piatek
  11. Marilyn Manson
  12. Felix Sputnik
  13. Jen Mitlas
  14. Fredrik Ekholm
  15. Polder Animation
  16. Peter Roe
  17. saggyarmpit
  18. Rocketpanda

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