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Sharon Switzer is the Arts Programmer and Curator for Pattison Onestop, programming digital art content throughout the year on the TTC and Pattison Outdoor digital billboards.

Switzer is also the founder and Director of the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF), which takes place each September on the Pattison Onestop network of over 300 digital displays in the Toronto subway system, showcasing the best silent 1-minute films from across Canada and around the world. Other public projects on the TTC include the month long photo installation Contacting Toronto (for CONTACT); DRIFT, a 12 hour digital animation project for Nuit Blanche; StrollCity, an interactive twitter project with Shawn Micallef and Coach House Books; and a range of special projects with internationally renowned film, video and digital artists such as Vera Frenkel, John Greyson, Ron Terada and the Critical Art Ensemble.

In 2007 Switzer founded the not-for-profit curatorial organization Art for Commuters in response to an opportunity to form a partnership with Onestop Media Group (now Pattison Onestop). Art for Commuters offers filmmakers and artists an opportunity to show their work in the public spaces frequented by urban travelers.

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