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Grand Rapids

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We are a team of GVSU students and Alums who have come together for a common goal: TO MAKE MOVIES!
We began our endeavor in late April where we won 2nd place in the Compass Film Academy 24 Hour Film Festival, with our entry "Misery Business." Later we won 1st Place in the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts 24 Hour Film Festival for our entry "Burnt Out." We continue to look to festivals and other projects in the future.

Brian Kung
Charles Beale

Melissa Bayer (also Editor)
Jake Bowen (also Special Effects)

Ben Barker

Sound Design
Alessandro Chimento

Other Teammates:
Luke Bocznyk
Mara Furlich

Hannah Rose Beale
Devin Polaski

Jonathon Sessions
Randy Strobl

Production People (not just assistants)
Ed Bond (sound)
Aaron Schultz
Ben Kellar
Andre Guimond (special effects/color)
Jonathan Tasman (color)

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  3. Alessandro Chimento
  4. Brian Kung
  5. Charles Beale
  6. Andre Guimond
  7. Melissa Bayer
  8. DevinPolaski
  9. Ben Barker