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The Moon and the Fire Circle, Shauna's next musical expression, was released under Red Rock Music on February 19, 2008. "Around You", the first single from The Moon and the Fire Circle, hit Number 7 on the FMQB AC Chart and the next single "Bloom" hit radio in September. A journey from the light to the dark and back to the light again, Shauna takes us with her as we travel deep into the underworld of different points of view. But as she says, "The twist in the story is who is telling us which is light and which is dark? From who's point of view are we looking?" Powerful songwriting, enchanting piano, vocals and strong percussion are delicately mixed with flavorful guitar, harp and cello to create the perfect universe where The Moon and the Fire Circle combine to embrace the soul.

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Shauna Burns burst onto the music scene in 2005 with her debut album Every Thought to rave reviews and acclamation. Musical Discoveries declares "There is no doubt that Every Thought contains a dynamic energy in its complex blend of sounds and striking lyrics. Shauna has a unique style of singing, and combined with her virtuoso piano instrumentals, she has put together an album that is moving and intense." While quotes Every Thought, as "a new fangled fusion that will ignite a spark that will be hard to replicate. Perfect."

Shauna's ethereal vocals and beautiful piano developed while growing up in Miami, Florida. Inspired by her mother's love for the piano, her songwriting thrived and when she headed west for college and her music met cheers and enthusiastic recognition. After receiving a bachelor's degree in Anthropology at the University of Utah, Shauna spent a year in Europe preparing her debut album. Released under Red Rock Music, Every Thought gained not only stellar critical acclaim and a healthy following but Shauna embarked on a vigorous national US tour from coast to coast.

Shauna's songwriting extension to Every Thought, is her 2006 followup EP release entitled, Desert Tune. This 5 song EP is witty and playful while in harmony with her nature of being personal and captivating. Shauna and her piano were once again joined by co-producer and drummer James Clark, Ryan Tilby on guitar and bass with Steve Lemmon on guitar. Inspired by residing in a desert landscape, Desert Tune gives the listener a different pair of eyes to view what this world can give and take from us - physically and emotionally.

Shauna's debut CD, Every Thought was selected as one of the Top CD's of 2005 by Collected Sounds and the single, 'Pink Girl', was chosen as the No. 1 single from the MAACP show. The album was chosen for 'Best of the Batch' from the Music Industry News Network and featured on, Billboard, VH1, Artist Direct, AOL Music, Fox TV and countless others.

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