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Shaun is a graduate of Duke University and North Carolina native currently living in New York City. He was one of five American students chosen to attend the inaugural year of the Fusion Arts Exchange program in screenwriting at the University of Southern California. Since his experimental thesis film, FOR NATALIE WHO LEFT, garnered him several university awards, Mr. Dozier has gone on to produce and direct documentaries in Peru, Brazil, and Mexico. First for Davis Projects for Peace, TREADING ON SAND shows how a new form of democratic governance is transforming the impoverished dunes of Lima, Peru. SAND was screened at and distributed by the World Bank. Then for the Clinton Global Initiative partnered with the Roberto Marinho Foundation, TELECURSO is a short piece highlighting the work of the Telecurso organization to bring education and opportunities to those with the least access in the dense jungles of the Brazilian Amazon. And finally Mr. Dozier served as a writer for the independent feature film KEEPERS OF THE EARTH, currently in production, which tells the story of those being forcibly relocated from the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico due to lost Mayan heritage and constricting climate change policy. With A BURIAL HYMN, a short film based on his feature screenplay, FRIENDSHIP, Shaun sets his sights a lot closer to home, in small-town North Carolina where he was born and raised.

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