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Born in London, entered the film & content making business via the catwalk. After working for various UK newspapers and magazines, he has travelled extensively through-out the globe creating advertising content in the United States, Europe, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Directorial credits include tvc, documentaries & promos for major recording companies and artists such as Deborah Harry, Talvin Singh, The Master Musicians of Jajouka, The Doors, Nigel Kennedy and Jaz Coleman of English post-punk band Killing Joke. The latter collaboration has led to 10 years of juggling commercial work with a mammoth passion project: a Cult Feature Documentary on the band and it's Singer - Called ’The Death and Resurrection Show’, that’s currently screening in festivals throughout Europe and due for international release in early 2015.

Photography and Film Awards include London, New York, CCA, D&AD, Cannes, Graphis Book, Vienna Film Festival and Lurzers International Archive Magazine’s Top 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide.

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  • ilc productions - ILC Productions is a film production company that's passionate about creating visually thought invoking music films and web content that captures the artist’s life, passion and music. Created by Photographer & Filmmaker Shaun Pettigrew, with 25 years exp


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