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About me:
Filmmaker, Editor, Visual Conceptor, Artistic Post-production Supervisor, Supervising sound designer, Creative consultant.

I’ve been involved in various aspects of television production and visual arts for more than 25 years. As an editor I’ve worked on a variety of genres including: drama, documentaries, commercials, music videos and video installations. Currently residing in France, I direct and edit long format documentaries and feature films as well as doing "made to measure" design and visual conception work for TV programs and commercial clients.

Recent projects:

Editing of "LE DÉBUT DE LA FAIM". A documentary film, directed by Patrice Barrat, Produced by article Z and broadcast by "France 5" and "SBS - Australia.

Editing and co-directing (with Scott Hillier) of:
"An Evening With David Garcia - Introducing the Brooklyn's Lovers albums" (Concert, 74 min)

Editing and co-directing (with Scott Hillier) of:
"David Garcia Recording Brooklyn's Lovers" (Documentary, 18 min).

Editing of music videos: "La Milonga" and "First Quart" for jazz musician David Garcia (Brooklyn's Lovers album, for musicOvations,

Editing of "Madre Mia - conversations avec la mère"
A feature film by Stefan Libiot.

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